Is iPhone X Waterproof?

The iPhone X is resistant to water but not completely waterproof. So, if you get a splash of water on your iPhone X it should be okay — but we wouldn’t recommend going swimming with your iPhone X!

Is there a difference between water resistance and waterproof?

Many companies these days will use the terms waterproof and water-resistant interchangeably while promoting their products. In reality, there’s a clear distinction between these two classifications. The distinction can be determined by the product’s IP code (IP stands for “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection”).

  • Waterproof: Does not allow water to go through. Keeps water out.  Example: Rubber Wellington boots. 100% dry.
  • Water-resistant: Able to prevent water penetration, but to some degree only. Example: Your casual sports jacket. Protects you from light rain. A downpour?

Apple refers to its iPhones as splash, water, and dust resistant. Not waterproof.

Besides these general terms, a technical specification tells us more about a device’s resistance: the Waterproof Rating.

What is the Waterproof Rating?

iPhone X has a waterproof rating of IP67. To understand the rating, let’s split it into 3 components.

  1. IP is an abbreviation of Ingress Protection. It measures how well a device is resistant to both solids and liquids.
  2. On a scale of 0 to 6, the first number, “6”, refers to the device’s resistance to pesky solids such as dust and sand. The higher the number, the better.
  3. On a scale of 0 to 9, the second number, “7”, refers to resistance to liquids. Again, the higher the number, the better.

Here’s a summary of different iPhone models and their ratings:

Model Waterproof rating Submersion depth Length of time
iPhone 6 series & below None
iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series & iPhone X IP67 Up to 1m 30 mins
iPhone SE (2nd generation) IP67 Up to 1m 30 mins
iPhone XS and above (up to iPhone 11 Pro Max) IP68 Up to 1.5m 30 mins

Keep in mind the iPhone X’s waterproof rating is obtained under laboratory conditions. Hence it only serves as an indicator – not a guarantee – of a device’s protection.

Here’s the reality check:

  • Apple warns that splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions.
  • Water resistance may decrease as a result of normal wear.
  • While a brand-new iPhone X can certainly withstand splashes, some users shared that their phone’s life ended after an accidental drop into the pool or toilet.
  • And … liquid damage isn’t covered under warranty.

Apple Doesn’t Cover Liquid Damage Under Its Warranty

The IP waterproof rating assumes the use of freshwater. Apple tested the iPhone X under controlled laboratory conditions.

The company observed water resistance at depths of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. With that being said, Apple specifically advises against submerging your iPhone X in water.

Apple also mentions that splash, dust, and water resistance are temporary conditions. Therefore, iPhone X’s waterproof rating may diminish due to natural wear and tear over the device’s lifetime.

Unfortunately, your iPhone X is not protected from water damage under Apple’s warranty.

How To Prevent iPhone X Water Damage

To prevent iPhone X water damage from occurring, the best method is avoiding contact with moisture altogether!

Here are a few additional tips for preventing iPhone X water damage:

  • Avoid bringing your iPhone X into a sauna.
  • If possible, keep your iPhone X in low humidity environments.
  • Avoid dropping your iPhone X on the ground. Doing so could accelerate normal wear and tear and compromise your device’s water resistance.
  • Avoid disassembling your iPhone X or tampering with its original build. Doing so may compromise the integrity of its water seal.

You can also reduce the risk of liquid damage to your iPhone by purchasing a waterproof case. Amazon sells a number of IP68-rated iPhone X cases that boast water resistance up to 10 meters (33 feet). These cases also provide the additional benefit of protecting your phone from drops on the ground.

Here are some iPhone X waterproof cases that we recommend for mitigating the risk of water damage:

  • Catalyst Waterproof iPhone X Case: We highly recommend this robust case which offers excellent protection from liquid damage (as well as physical particles), while preserving the sleek appearance of the iPhone X with its clear front and back.

iphone x waterproof case catalyst

  • LifeProof iPhone X Waterproof Case: A more affordable option, the LifeProof iPhone X case claims to meet or exceed an IP68 rating. LifeProof’s specs suggest that this iPhone case allows for water resistance at 2-meter depths (6.6 feet) for 60 minutes. What’s more, this case comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from!

lifeproof iphone x waterproof case


  • Joto iPhone X Phone Pouch: Last but not least, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for an iPhone X case for the sole purpose of submerging it in water (e.g. for taking underwater photos).  The product’s specs suggest that it offers water resistance at depths of up to 30 meters (100 feet), and it’s available in a wide range of colors.

joto waterproof iphone phone pouch

What To Do If Your iPhone X Gets Wet:

If your iPhone X gets wet with water, simply wipe it off with a soft cloth. If the liquid is anything other than water, Apple recommends rinsing the affected part of your iPhone with a small amount of tap water before wiping it up.

Next, you should dry your iPhone X. To do so, hold the device Lightning-connector-side-down and gently tap it against your hand. This will help shake any excess water out of the device. Place your iPhone X in a dry location (ideally with the Lightning connector exposed to cool air produced by a fan) and leave it there to dry.

Make sure you don’t apply heat to the iPhone X or insert anything into the Lightning connector while drying your device. Let it dry naturally or with cool air.

Also, never attempt to charge your iPhone X if it has recently come into contact with water.

What To Do If Your iPhone X Has Water Damage:

If you’ve followed all of the instructions above and are still left with what you believe is a water damaged iPhone X, don’t panic — you have options!

As mentioned previously, Apple, unfortunately, does not cover liquid damage under its warranty. So while you can bring your iPhone X to an Apple Store to get it checked, if they conclude that it has water damage then your warranty will not cover the replacement.

Therefore, you’ll have two options:

  1. Repair your water damaged iPhone X, or;
  2. Replace your device altogether.

It should be noted that iPhone water damage is usually not repairable. It really depends on the severity of the incident and the dissolved mineral content of the water that came into contact with the phone.

To explore the first option above, we recommend contacting a local cell phone repair shop to get a sense of iPhone X water damage repair costs.

Alternatively, you may consider replacing your device altogether. Naturally, an iPhone replacement is also going to be a steep financial decision.

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