Best Sim Cards Plans

Best Sim Card Plans

In the era of fear of missing out, you need always to know what is happening around you, and for that, you would obviously need to remain in touch with the people. But, you also need a reasonable and reliable sim card plan for that.

There are companies like, Vodafone and Lebara that offer pretty good services when it comes to sim card plans, so let’s get into it and find out what exactly are the best sim card plans in the whole of the UK.

Top 7 Best Sim Card Plans

We are listing the top 7 finest sim card plans you can find so that you don’t waste your time looking here and there.

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This sim card plan has to be our most recommended one because it is not only highly rated, but it’s also worth every penny. You get a sim card plan in 5G, and the sim card providers don’t even demand any extra cost other than the actual price of the plan.

There are a whole bunch of sim card plans at, and you can either go for one month, two months, all the way up to the plans for 12 months according to your needs. All the plans are also moderately priced and do not cost you an arm and a leg.

The problem with most sim card plans is that you cannot use them in most parts of the world, but with the sim card plan of, you can now travel to over 70 countries, and your data will run flawlessly with its sim card plan.

You can also use your data as a personal hotspot when you are in the UK, and you also get a limited number of text messages too. Also, most people use more data than usual, so they run out of it earlier, too, but you can resubscribe to the sim card plan anytime you want.


The deal that Vodafone offers is also not half bad because you get a good service with a range of deals, but these deals are not as diverse compared to However, you get unlimited text messages with most of your Vodafone package.

The data does not work flawlessly at all places, though, and you might need to use Wifi at places where the connection is interrupted. Most people in the UK prefer Vodafone because it offers sim card plans at a reasonable rate which is exactly why they are on this list.

Vodafone offers sim deals of not just 3 GB but also it also has options of 4 and 5 GB, which is pretty great. Though the price of 5GB is slightly higher than expected, it’s still less than some sim cards.


Fonehouse is also a popular company for sim card deals in the UK. They offer quite a lot of deals, and their data plans are comprehensive too. It has a variety of mobile phone deals, but that is not it as you also get quite a lot of sim card deals too.

All the sim card deals are backed by unlimited texts, and most of them have unlimited minutes for calling too. For a price of 5-6 euros, this is not half bad, especially if you are getting 1GB of 5G data too. However, Fonehouse is not as reliable and does not provide data as flawlessly as

The company also offers auto cashback; in certain cases, you can also go for 4G sim card deals if that is what you want. But Fonehouse indeed offers a wide variety of sim card plans, and you can get them with just one click.

iD Mobile

You can move to a 5G network without paying a hefty amount with iD Mobile. The company claims to provide one of the fastest internet services in the UK, and they have quite a lot of sim card deals too.

If you are not looking for a long-term plan, the one-month subscription of the iD Mobile sim card plan is just right for you as it offers 4GB of data for a whole month with unlimited texts and minutes. If it is not what you are looking for, we don’t know what that is.

Though the company claims to offer sim card plans at a very reasonable price, it cannot top the price of, which is offering better services at pretty much the same cost. The internet speed of is also a lot better.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile company also offers a good deal for a month and for 2 years as well. 2 years sounds like a lot, but it is better to get all the data at once and pay less than pay more and subscribe to the same package every month.

The 5GB sim card deal of Virgin Mobile is a lot better than the ones we usually see. It also offers unlimited texts and calls, but there is a problem with this plan. In, you can get a deal for a month and then unsubscribe quite easily if you are not happy with it.

But, with Virgin Mobile, if you subscribe to a one-month deal, you have to be bound under a contract that you will be paying 6 euros for the next 12 months to keep this sim card deal for a whole year.

Now, this is not a good idea for users who are only looking for a short-term option, and for such people, might be the right option. Other than that, Virgin Mobile is pretty good in its services and sim card deals.


It is quite well known that sim card plans save you a ton of money but does that necessarily mean that you are bound to trust any one of them without proper research? Not at all, and that is why we jotted down the best sim card plans for you so you can make an informed decision.

Also, we would highly recommend you to go for because all of the sim card plans have some sort of flaw in them, but the services of are pretty much perfect, and the company has a plan to cater the needs of all kinds of people. So, don’t forget to give it a go.

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